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I'm Jen, a white, cisgendered, straight-identifying, American-born woman with a history of Christian and conservative influences. My lived experience is one of solid economic security and educational privilege. All of this shaped the lens through which I viewed life for the majority of my adult years - and it created a comfortable echo chamber where “my existing views were neatly reinforced and alternative ideas were rarely considered…” This no longer works for me.

I decided to pursue meaningful work, passion projects, and relationships that would serve as "antidotes to the echo chamber." This podcast is part of that work. Rather than put people in stereotypical boxes -  I want to grow more curious and openminded. This means listening deeply to another person’s story, especially those who differ from me. It means challenging my old paradigms and assumptions.

I pursue this on a public platform because I want to see this mindset catch fire in our culture. My guests and I will spur listeners toward healthy, candid conversations, and deep LISTENING with and for the people  in their lives (especially those whom they don’t know).
Thanks for being a part of this vision!

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Recent Episodes

Lessons from the SugarMama®

July 30, 2022

It isn’t every day that I lay on a treatment table with my nether regions exposed and a podcast is born. But…this is how I operate; we talk about the topics that many avoid. I loved recording this episode with my friend and …

If crystals have magic, then we ARE magic

July 12, 2022

While on retreat in Costa Rica, I met and immediately admired her vibrant soul. In this episode, I host Becca Kannapell, co-founder of POUND for an eye opening talk about magic, crystals, the universe, and the Divine - and h…

Guest: Jen Oliver

How a volatile past can lead to a successful future

July 9, 2022

We often think we are successfully separating that which is personal (and in the past) - from that which is professional (and current). In this conversation, I talk with Deborah Brown-Volkman about her volatile upbringing an…

Burlesque as a form of therapy - not sexually charged entertainment.

June 26, 2022

What if removing your clothing became an embodied means of shedding negative baggage and revealing more of your soul and essence? A burlesque solo is not merely a seductive dance performed for the gratification of the male g…

Loving the life we live; birthright or privilege?

June 9, 2022

“She designed a life she loved…” it’s not just a cute sign from Home Goods. There are plenty of people who pursue the life and work they love. I once thought it was a bit precious and indulgent to say things like that. I am …

No judgment: Motherhood, career, entrepreneurship and all the things

June 3, 2022

I have an admission. For many years, I chose not to work outside of the home while raising my kids. I wanted this way of life and erroneously assumed that those who didn’t were less committed to their kids’ well-being. UGGHH…