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March 2, 2022

Body, Mind, and a 9 ounce Soul

Body, Mind, and a 9 ounce Soul

Jen is navigating some big life changes this year and is striving to operate more authentically. This feels like a moving target, so she asked Rebecca to share her experience and perspective. They discuss the invisible world, human energy and vibrational levels, and how our unique Human Design plays a profound role in the way we operate. So many revelations in this conversation!

Our guest: REBECCA THORNE is an intuitive spiritual healer, a licensed clinical social worker and certified coach. She uses energy techniques to help people with unsolvable problems de-layer themselves so they can shine. She helps people work with the invisible world to get real-world results through a variety of energetic and clinical modalities to find the perfect mix for each individual.

Connect with Rebecca:

Website: theartofexpansion.com

Instagram @the.art.of.expansion


Connect with Jen:

email: Jennifer@beingREAL.me

website: www.beingREAL.me

Instagram @beingREALjen

Great people, places, or things we referenced during this episode:

The Art of Expansion Self-Love Cards


The History of the Human Design System



Join us next week and until then…keep communicating, connecting, and listening for REAL. 

It matters.

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