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Nov. 10, 2021

Feminism and the patriarchy? New input for the echo chamber

Feminism and the patriarchy? New input for the echo chamber

Jen confesses her ignorance regarding feminism, patriarchy, misogyny and other big words that she pretty much ignored or misjudged. Julie Gohring is a progressive thinker and feminist focused on human rights and equality. A random question about “mansplaining” brought them together and it has led to many REAL conversations since…

Our guest: Julie Gohring is a feminine leadership & sales coach. She teaches women how to radically shift their mindset so they can be more effective in selling and bring forth their natural feminine superpowers to find more freedom & fun in sales. She is also the creator of the Selling is FeminineTM Selling Framework delivered in her Selling Is FeminineTM Live Training Course.

Julie graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Biology and has been selling for over 30 years and coaching women for the last 10 years. Her teachings are informed by her 1000’s of sales experiences across different industries including Fortune 500 companies, Pharmaceutical & Bio Tech Giants and for her own business.

One of her core teachings, contrary to the common idea that selling is competitive and aggressive, is that the most successful selling is always grounded in connecting and caring for your client and this fact makes women naturally gifted at sales.

When she’s not sharing her passion for the feminine rising in sales, she spends her time surfing, meandering the beach at sunset, and listening to the monkeys howl at her home in Costa Rica.


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