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July 9, 2022

How a volatile past can lead to a successful future

How a volatile past can lead to a successful future

We often think we are successfully separating that which is personal (and in the past) - from that which is professional (and current). In this conversation, I talk with Deborah Brown-Volkman about her volatile upbringing and how
falling down and getting back up led to a journey of healing and growth - changing the trajectory of her career from problematic to exceptional. She took survival skills formed in childhood and made them assets in the workplace - there is power in the ability to read a room, being a deep listener, and seeing things that others don’t.

We also discuss the WomanSpeak™ program and the power of our voice in business and life. It isn’t enough to “get a seat at the table” - women and marginalized individuals need to use our truest voice and deliver the wisdom that lives inside us at that table! Too often, we wait to be chosen or called upon to speak. It is game-changing to trust our own voice and be set free from imposter syndrome.

Our guest: DEBORAH BROWN-VOLKMAN is a Career Optician who helps clients see new possibility in their career. Deborah believes that when you see your career differently, you are able to do things differently. As an author of several best-selling books, she taps into 20+ years of solid career coaching experience empowering 1,000’s of clients to find new jobs, new careers, and new ways of dealing with workplace challenges. Deborah has worked with clients in companies, including: Facebook, Google, Citibank, Bank of Singapore, Nautica, Verizon, and many others. She is a mix of data and intuition; both spiritual and practical. She dishes out tough love, while also creating a safe space for clients to talk, be understood, and be themselves. 

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WomanSpeak™ - The Art and Soul of Public Speaking


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