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Dec. 10, 2021

Immigrants as humans not sound bites.

Immigrants as humans not sound bites.

Jen owns the callous and ignorant manner in which she tossed around terms like: immigrant, illegal, refugee, and asylum seeker. Her largely erroneous assertions led to this vital conversation recorded two years ago - pre-pandemic and in a different political climate. We were determined to finally broadcast this episode because the topic is forever relevant. Jen asks questions of herself and of a pervasive, cultural narrative around immigration - chatting with three people who know of what they speak. Vanassa and Kerry share openly about their relationships with the faces and souls behind these terms and Jawad* (a SIV/Special Immigration Visa holder) provides his harrowing, real world experience fighting terrorism alongside US forces.

Guests: Vanassa Hamra, Kerry Ham, and Jawad* (last name withheld) work with World Relief, a global Christian humanitarian organization whose mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable. They aim to tackle the world’s greatest problems with holistic, locally-driven solutions that lead to lasting change — whether in response to disasters, extreme poverty, violence, oppression or mass displacement and immigration. World Relief’s work in the United States, specifically, focuses on helping refugees and other immigrants in vulnerable situations rebuild their lives in a new country.

Connect, give, or volunteer with the World Relief team at www.worldrelief.org/sacramento.

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