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May 10, 2022

Intuition: We all have it but do we recognize it?

Intuition: We all have it but do we recognize it?

I assumed intuition was all in the mind - a sort of cerebral knowing that guides our decision making. I also thought this was a rare gift that few possess - akin to psychic abilities. So…I sought out Kara Lynn Edwards, a woman with a different perspective and asked her to share her own intuitive journey. Kara talks about intuition as a process of “...anchoring into the body and clearing the mind…” I don’t know about you, but I find this incredibly difficult.
Little by little, I am starting to notice faint, internal murmurings in my body, but I still need help calibrating that inner compass so I can interpret those feelings reliably. My mind attaches some pretty confusing labels on the sensations in my body. Couple that with a deep spiritual hunger and desire to connect with the Divine and you can imagine my questions during our conversation. As Kara puts it, “We all experience intuition to some degree - it is simply a function of whether we acknowledge or dismiss it.”

Our guest: KARA LYNN EDWARDS is a business and intuition coach and the founder of Intuitive Femmepreneur Academy. In her work, she guides female entrepreneurs back to the clarity and certainty of their own inner knowing to create ease, flow and strategic alignment in their businesses.

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