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July 30, 2022

Lessons from the SugarMama®

Lessons from the SugarMama®

It isn’t every day that I lay on a treatment table with my nether regions exposed and a podcast is born. But…this is how I operate; we talk about the topics that many avoid. I loved recording this episode with my friend and SugarMama®, Shannon O’Brien. We discuss body image, getting your swagger back, and the weird things that many of us wonder about. We ponder the vulnerability phenomenon - that situation where you find yourself sharing the most intimate details of your life when doing a basic thing like getting your nails or hair done, or like me - getting my bikini sugarwaxed. Something changes, the conversation gets REAL.

Our guest: SHANNON O'BRIEN AKA The SugarMama® is a certified Body Sugaring Professional, Founder of Love2Sugar.com and TheSugarNetwork.com, Host of The Sugar Show podcast, and overall badass boss babe.  She's a sassy and fun loving educator with 20 years of experience as a licensed esthetician and 12 years sugaring. After sugaring thousands of people from all walks of life, she has an interesting perspective on what people really feel after the door is closed and they jump up on her treatment table!

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Shannon O'Brien


Shannon O’Brien is the passionate founder of Love2Sugar, a training and inspiration platform designed to educate the beauty industry on Body Sugaring for hair removal. She coaches estheticians and cosmetologists around the world on not only how to improve their sugaring techniques, but to build multiple figure skincare businesses using just a sweet ball of lemon, sugar, and water. She is a mama to 5 amazing kids, the host of The Sugar Show podcast, motivational speaker, author, and owner of SugarMama’s Beauty Collab in California.