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June 9, 2022

Loving the life we live; birthright or privilege?

Loving the life we live; birthright or privilege?

“She designed a life she loved…” it’s not just a cute sign from Home Goods. There are plenty of people who pursue the life and work they love. I once thought it was a bit precious and indulgent to say things like that. I am a worker - a put-your-head-down and make-things-happen - kind of girl. No wonder I developed some pretty unhealthy coping mechanisms!
So I ask Lia Venet for her perspective; she’s spent her entire adult life designing a full, non-conforming, and delicious existence. I admire her manner of living in the best of ways. We discuss the tyranny of socially approved boxes and the word “should.” We wonder aloud if it is a function of privilege to even have discussions like this. And, we both acknowledge that the best life comes from doing our own growth work; triggers and pain points may just be golden portals that take us where we ultimately want to be.

Our guest: LIA VENET’s vision is for ALL women to understand their divine brilliance, cultivating trust in sisterhood circles and sharing their truth in the world.

Lia is an Authentic Speaker, Co-Author of Wild and Wise Women around the world – Ten Inspiring Women Share their Feminine Fire in “365 Days of Gratitude.”  Beside her PhD in life experience, she is a Certified Transformational Coach (TCM), Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN), Sacred Depths trained coach, relationship expert (assisted with John Gray for 7 years) a master Woman’s Speak enroller.  She is a connector, organizer, and gatherer of women, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Founder of Inner Compass Circles that includes organizing empowerment retreats for women.  

She is happily married for 29 years with two grown children who are successfully launched and doing amazing things in the world.

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