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June 3, 2022

No judgment: Motherhood, career, entrepreneurship and all the things

No judgment: Motherhood, career, entrepreneurship and all the things

I have an admission. For many years, I chose not to work outside of the home while raising my kids. I wanted this way of life and erroneously assumed that those who didn’t were less committed to their kids’ well-being. UGGHH. There is so much wrong with that perspective. Melissa Hoffman joins the conversation this week and we talk about motherhood, meaningful work, and moving toward that which brings us joy. We discuss the value of pivoting through multiple careers and the varied seasons of motherhood -and the importance of being a stand for others, whether or not their decisions mirror our own.

Our guest: MELISSA HOFFMANN is a Life Coach for women who know they're meant for more. She helps women who want to get out of their corporate jobs - find their purpose and what they want to do for their work so they can start a business that lights them up. After 7 years in a job she hated, she discovered that she wanted to be a makeup artist and built a successful luxury beauty business. Two years ago she pivoted into becoming a Life Coach and helping women to discover what they really want to do for their work and build the confidence to go for it. Melissa is also a mama of a young child, so she is passionate about helping women let go of mom guilt so they can build a business that works for them and their lifestyle. She hosts a podcast called Pivot Into Your Purpose where she shares tips and inspiration to find the work you're meant to do, as well as shares stories from other women who have pivoted into businesses that are more aligned with who they are.

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Podcast  Pivot Into Your Purpose

Mellissa’s workshop:  Clarity In Your Calling- Get Clear On Your Purpose & The Work You're Meant To Do

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