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Nov. 18, 2021

Overwhelm meets her problem-solving guru

Overwhelm meets her problem-solving guru

Jen admits her tendency toward overwhelm and occasional tantrums when "things don't go right" - while Amanda provides methodical, constructive guidance with her #icann method of problem solving. These two couldn't be more different when it comes to life and career choices, but what a conversation!

Our guest: Amanda Doucette  a.k.a “The Tax Chick” -  a tax lawyer practicing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is the host of “The Tax Chick Podcast” and the founder of “The Tax Chick Blog”
Email: thetaxchickpodcast@gmail.com
Instagram @tax.chick
Website: www.shtb-law.com
Blog: https://taxchickca.wordpress.com/
Podcast: https://thetaxchickpodcast.transistor.fm/
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BIO: Amanda Doucette is a problem solver who loves showcasing the human side of professional careers. In her day job she is a lawyer, helping her clients navigate the complex world of income tax, GST, and employment insurance.

Her passion is helping people navigate problems that seem insurmountable and empowering them so they feel in control of their business and decision-making. She truly believes tax is fun and aims to help her clients feel more confident in their tax situations, helping them understand relevant laws so they can avoid future issues.

Amanda dispels misinformation by talking to clients in plain English and carefully explaining all the angles regarding their situation. It's important to her that her clients feel validated and motivated to take action. She also focuses on providing a collaborative approach to succession and estate planning, bringing together a variety of experts, including lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors, insurance advisors, and internal controllers to develop and implement customized solutions for her clients.

In 2020, Amanda launched The Tax Chick Blog and the Tax Chick Podcast, each aimed at educating audiences about tax and estate planning issues. Both the blog and podcast allow her to take part in curious conversations, learn new things while educating others, and laugh.

In addition to The Tax Chick Podcast, Amanda has appeared as a guest on The Swell’Cast Podcast, The Life Resume, Fit to Practice and Lawyerpreneur Podcast.  She was also a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book “Pursuit:365”, a book celebrating Canadian women in the pursuit of happiness, success and fulfillment.

She has been featured in The Wellness Esquire and is a regular contributor to Fresh Magazine.

When she is not practicing, talking about, or writing about tax law, Amanda loves baking, spin class, and Pilates.

Connect with Jen:

Website: www.beingREAL.me

Jen’s Instagram: @beingREALjen