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Feb. 25, 2022

Pioneer, game changer, life saver

Pioneer, game changer, life saver

Big Tobacco may not be fond of discussions such as these. Jen invites Dr. Tamu Green to talk about a controversial approach designed to spare the next generation from tobacco dependence and compromised health. This is an example of steadfast pursuit of a worthy cause despite powerful opposition from deep-pocketed conglomerates.

Our guest: DR. TAMU GREEN is a developmental psychologist and thought leader who brings expertise and lived experience in communities facing inequities in her pursuit of social justice through institutional and systems change. For nearly 30 years, she has been engaged in power building efforts that synergize resources, facilitate equity-oriented decision making, and turn advocacy into outcomes. Dr. Green is the CEO of the Equity and Wellness Institute, where she works collaboratively with a talented team of consultants to assess and meet a wide variety of clients’ and communities’ needs.

*IMPORTANT post-recording addendum: This episode covers a vital matter that proves itself out with many decades worth of empirically relevant data - thus, the compelling statistics around deaths by tobacco require no embellishment. That said, we want to be as accurate as possible with the statements we made during our conversation. When we discuss stats around the daily deaths attributed to tobacco use and the industry's pursuit of new smokers - it may be unclear when we were referencing the US market versus global markets. Dr. Green clarifies:  

"...the catastrophic loss on 9/11 (2,996 deaths on that date) and how there are more tobacco deaths daily. In the US there are currently 1,300 tobacco deaths daily but globally there are about 20,000 tobacco deaths daily..."

"...in addition, the tobacco industry once needed to gain approximately 7,000 new smokers per day, which is likely much higher on a global scale...these statistics were the recognized number years ago and may vary based on 2021 statistics..."

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