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Nov. 13, 2022

Psychedelic assisted healing - a legal game changer for many

Psychedelic assisted healing - a legal game changer for many

I have always been an explorer with regard to self-help, personal growth, therapy, recovery and the like. This year I began hearing of people’s experiences with plant medicines as a means of doing deeper work on the mental and physical pain that can significantly impact our lives. AND then I met Dr. Alya Ahmad and Dr. Tasnim Khan - two physicians (and sisters) with stunning resumes and extensive experience in medicine and patient care - who left conventional medicine and started their own practice providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Their team is alleviating their clients’ suffering from conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more. What I LOVE is the path that brought them to this space. These are two doctors who finally acknowledged that they, as healers, needed help too. In their words, “We can only be as good for our patients as we are for ourselves…” Yes, to that, count me in.

Ketamine is legal and many are familiar with it as an anesthetic. But when used in a supervised and intentional setting it also relaxes a patient to a place where the nervous system is disarmed, mental chatter can be quieted, and deeper therapeutic work can begin. We talk all things Ketamine as it relates to our personal healing journeys and my mind is forever shifted as to what is possible.

Our Guests:

Dr. Tasnim Khan is a Primary Care Physician and Harvard University trained health care executive with over 27 years of experience in the health care field. She has owned, operated, and profitably exited health care practices and an Independent Physician Association in the US and in the Middle East.

As a healthcare executive, she worked with Optum Health as a Medical Director. She also worked as Chief Medical Officer in the country of Qatar in a partnership with the Ministry of Health and Aetna International. Dr. Khan gained invaluable experience during her tenure as Chief Medical Officer with a private equity group in the United Arab Emirates.

She has also served in the non-profit sector of healthcare in California as the Chief Medical Officer of One Community Health. Her most recent role is with a subsidiary of Blue Shield - Altais One- as Network Medical Director.  

Dr Khan’s deepest passion lies in helping people optimize their wellbeing and advocate for their health despite a very complicated and fragmented health care system.  

Dr. Alya Ahmad is a former Associate Professor of Pediatrics at UCSF, with experience in academic and private settings overseas and in Texas and California. She is fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and Ketamine-assisted therapy. She is also training as a MAPS provider through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

Dr. Ahmad is also a mother, immigrant, and woman of color who remains a continuous learner and educator. Having witnessed the effects of trauma and social inequities, her journey as a healer focuses on treating the neediest of populations.

As clinical faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and UCSF, Dr. Ahmad teaches better ways to care for children and their families. She founded programs that emphasize “whole” person care and the narrative medicine process for children with special needs, Down syndrome, obesity and other patients requiring complex care consultation services.

Dr. Ahmad harnesses the methodology of Narrative Medicine learned during her training at Columbia University to teach and practice medicine through compassion-based inquiry as a means of addressing illness in light of the overall landscape of a patient’s life.

Dr. Ahmad believes natural and holistic paths to healing are possible with integrative and psychedelic medicines and therapies.  

Her mantra for care is simple; healing the self and others must include empathy and the respectful fusion of self-wisdom, ancient and novel therapies. 


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