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Dec. 31, 2021

Racism: It's in the water and we're ALL wet

Racism: It's in the water and we're ALL wet

Sean and Jen discuss their white privilege and the idea that we are all influenced by racism if we live in the US. Sean created and delivered the epic TEDx talk, "Dear Racism, A Break-Up Letter from a White Man" - leading to this conversation, They explore the creative process, Divine downloads and sacred messages that need exposure and a willing vessel to evolve.

Our guest: Sean Smith, author, speaker, actor, poet, songwriter, and the owner of Elite Success Systems. He is dedicated to creating “neuro-transformation” in all areas of human behavior. Sean has produced over 3,000 articles, audio files, and video resources on topics related to success and leadership, with over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. He has spoken globally and was named “North America’s Next Greatest Speaker” in 2013.

Sean co-wrote, produced, and starred in a unique spoken-word, short film, Let’s Grow, about healing racism. He is also known for his gut-wrenching, one-man show, I Do, Mom.

“I am a father and husband first, speaker and coach second. I am thoroughly flawed, cracked and mired with as many internal blocks and challenges as the rest of us. I’m a recovering perfectionist, I have a PhD in procrastination, and I sabotage myself on a daily basis.

But, I am completely fascinated with figuring out this game of life, how the human mind works, why we hold ourselves back, and teaching other people what I learn along the way.

My main business obsession is helping entrepreneurs get rid of their fears, values conflicts, limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns so they can live life with passion, presence and purpose.”

Connect with Sean:


Sean’s TEDxFolsom talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruiPxhVDG4A&list=RDCMUCsT0YIqwnpJCM-mx7-gSA4Q&start_radio=1&rv=ruiPxhVDG4A&t=10

Sean’s critically acclaimed short film:  www.LetsGrowMovie.com

Connect with Jen:

email: Jennifer@beingREAL.me

website: www.beingREAL.me

Instagram @beingREALjen

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