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March 23, 2022

Warning! Domestic abuse occurs in many insidious forms

Warning! Domestic abuse occurs in many insidious forms

Many hear the term “domestic abuse” and assume it manifests in the obvious ways - violence, screaming, physical assault, etc. Jen hosts Kay Solomon to discuss lesser acknowledged forms of abuse that also take their toll; control, manipulation, gaslighting, and other issues of emotional and psychological abuse are exposed. Knowledge is power! We address the particularly troubling nature of certain religious settings where “remaining faithful and submissive” allows abuse to flourish.

Our guest: KAY SOLOMON  is the creator and founder of Women Walking in Wisdom’s Footsteps™ - a community of support designed for women who seek to recognize and walk in their brilliance; to become the women they have been called to be in their circles of influence regardless of the circumstances they’ve encountered in their past. Kay guides others from her lived experience, helping them to discover and live a truly empowered life, free from toxic relationships that stifle growth and joy. Kay earned a Master of Divinity from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University and teaches biblical and religious studies in a Christian independent high school in Atlanta, GA.

Connect with Kay:

website: kaysolomon.com

Instagram: @womenwalkinginwisdomsfootsteps

LinkedIn: @kayfsolomon

email: kay@kaysolomon.com

Connect with Jen:

email: Jennifer@beingREAL.me

website: www.beingREAL.me

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