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Feb. 10, 2022

What if we are DEAD wrong about managing grief and loss?

What if we are DEAD wrong about managing grief and loss?

Jen and Julia skip the platitudes and go straight into the REAL toll of grief and loss. Julia shares her unique story and how it led to a book, TEDx talk, and an entire body of work around her 5 Realizations for processing loss.

Our guest: JULIA NICHOLSON is a former CEO, business consultant, and adjunct professor of business who has excelled for decades as an industry-leading visionary on governance, strategic planning, team building, and executive performance. She now brings her expertise and passion to organizations and conferences across the world.

As a C-Suite executive for over 17 years, she has experienced firsthand the negative impact unwanted change, adversity, and loss can have on every individual, personally and professionally, and therefore, every aspect of an organization… every decision, interaction, and relationship, its culture, and ultimately the bottom line.

Throughout her life, she’s been told “No” or “Not possible” more frequently than she was ever encouraged or supported. Not to be deterred, she defied conventional wisdom and overcame stereotypes and great odds to identify what it takes to not only survive, but thrive after experiencing unwanted change, adversity, and loss over and over again.

Now she’s revealing the secrets to her success, the 5 Realizations, in keynote addresses around the world with proceeds from her talks going to charities that serve people in the areas of mental health and wellness, suicide awareness and intervention, and healthcare.

Connect with Julia:

Instagram: @julianicholsonpresents

Facebook: @julianicholsonpresents

Instagram:  @julianicholsonpresents

TikTok:  @julianicholsonpresents

Website: julianicholsonpresents.com

Great people, places, or things we referenced during this episode:

Julia’s 2021 TEDxFolsom talk

Look for Julia’s forthcoming book,

"It" Happened.  Now What?  The 5 Realizations: A Transformative Way to Process Loss and Turn Grief Into Grit in June 2022.

Proceeds from my speaking engagements and book sales are donated to charities supporting past, active, and retired military; charities supporting people with dementia and alzheimers; and organizations supporting disadvantaged children, mental health and wellness, and suicide intervention and its survivors.

Connect with Jen:

email: Jennifer@beingREAL.me

website: www.beingREAL.me

Instagram @beingREALjen

Join us next episode and until then…keep communicating, connecting, and listening for REAL. It matters.

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