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Dec. 23, 2021

Women and inclusion: It's not a matter of optics - it's an imperative

Women and inclusion: It's not a matter of optics - it's an imperative

"You can't tell me it isn't raining outside, just because you're warm and dry indoors..." This is not your typical DEI conversation. Jen and Valerie talk bias and inequality with regard to women in the workplace - oh and newsflash? Hollywood is not as "progressive" as one would think in this regard. Women need to be in the room and influencing the decisions, period.

Our guest: Valerie Alexander is a renowned expert on workplace happiness and a leading voice on equity and inclusion. 

As a globally-recognized speaker on the topics of happiness, the advancement of women, and unconscious bias, her keynotes and workshops have entertained, trained and inspired lawyers, artists, truck drivers, doctors, investment bankers, software developers, homemakers, CEOs and countless others around the world.

Valerie’s books include:

plus several more she’s published in her trademarked “…as a Second Language” series.

Valerie started her career as a corporate securities lawyer, investment banker and Internet executive in the Silicon Valley, then transitioned to Hollywood, where she enjoyed success as a screenwriter and director.

In addition to inspiring audiences worldwide as a keynote speaker, Valerie writes Christmas movies for the Hallmark Channel, which she knows you secretly love, even though you’ll only admit to watching them with your mom.

Connect with Valerie: 



Connect with Jen:

email: Jennifer@beingREAL.me

website: www.beingREAL.me

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Join us next episode and until then…keep speaking and definitely keep listening for REAL. It matters.

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